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AVRL-5-PS - Avtech Electrosystems Ltd. Pulse Generators

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  • Model: AVRL-5-PS
  • Manufactured by: Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
  • Max. V(out): 200.0V
  • Channels: 1
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.: 1.00kHz
  • Extra Specifications: High Voltage Pulser

The seven members of the AVRL series were designed for gating microchannel plate image intensifiers such as the ITT F4144 and F4129. This series provides output pulse widths covering the range of 5 ns to 1 ms and output amplitudes of 200 Volts and 700 Volts. Note that the versatile AVRL technology can be readily adapted to provide a wide range of output waveforms.
Model AVRL-1-PS generates a -200 Volt pulse having a pulse width, which is variable from 5 to 100 ns via a ten-turn control. This model provides a 2 ns rise time but a 1 ns rise time option is available. Model AVRL-1-PS requires a 50 Ohm termination, will operate a pulse repetition frequency as high as 5 kHz, and has a propagation delay time of 250 ns (with an optional 100 ns version).
For applications requiring both very fast rise times and very short propagation delays, Avtech has introduced Model AVRL-2-PS. This model exhibits a propagation delay time of less than 15 ns and provides a rise time of 2 ns. The output pulse width is variable from 5 to 100ns.
Model AVRL-4-PS features a rise and fall time of 2 ns with a pulse width range of 0.1 to 5.0 ms and a pulse repetition frequency range of 0 to 1 kHz.
For applications requiring still wider pulse width ranges, Avtech has introduced Models AVRL-5-PS and AVRL-6-PS, which respectively cover the pulse width ranges of 20ns to 1ms and 5 ns to 1 ms.
All models are also available with variable delay options covering the following ranges:
-D1 option: 0 to 100 ns (one range)
-D2 option: 0 to 1 ms (two ranges)
-D3 option: 0 to 10 ms (three ranges)
-D4 option: 0 to 100 ms (four ranges)
The delay options introduce a variable delay, which is in addition to the minimum insertion propagation delay specified for each model. All models are available with optional electronic control (0 to +10 Volts) of the delay (and also of the output pulse width). In addition, all models are available with an optional DC offset feature which allows an externally applied DC offset of 0 to ± 50 Volts to be superimposed on the output pulse.

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