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PVX-2505 - DEI Pulse Generators

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  • Model: PVX-2505
  • Manufactured by: DEI
  • Max. V(out): 50.0V
  • Channels: 1
  • Max. Pulse Rep. Freq.: 50.00kHz
  • Extra Specifications: Pulse Generator

The PVX-2505 pulse generator is designed for pulsed I-V (current-voltage) characterization of semiconductor devices at up to 50 Volts and 10 Amps. It is also well suited for other applications requiring high current, precision voltage pulses.
The I-V characteristics of semiconductor devices are functions of frequency and temperature. Curve tracers and other "DC" test systems typically step through a range of gate voltages and, at each gate voltage, sweep the drain voltage over the measurement range. The device essentially reaches thermal equilibrium and electronic (semiconductor-trap) equilibrium at each point, yielding different test characteristics than actual RF operational characteristics.
By pulsing the device using the PVX-2505 and taking a measurement during the pulse, the measurements can be taken before the device heats up. This circumvents the thermal effects associated with conventional "DC" testing, more closely approximates the characteristics of the device when operating at high frequencies, and does not activate the semiconductor "traps".
The output pulse is launched on an innovative, low impedance cable. The design of this cable maintains the fidelity of the output pulse without introducing pulse distortion or ringing, and provides a convenient means of connecting the pulse generator to the DUT or bias tee.
The pulse generator is a direct-coupled, air-cooled solid state design, offering equally fast pulse rise and fall times, low power dissipation, and minimal over-shoot, under-shoot or ringing. It has over-current detection and shut-down circuitry to protect the pulse generator from potential damage due to arcs and shorts in the load or interconnect cable.

  • Output Voltage To +50V
  • Output Current To 10A
  • 50% Maximum Duty Cycle
  • Pulse widths from <1mS to 100mS
  • Instrument-quality analog voltage and current monitors for data acquisition
  • Designed for precision pulsing of semiconductor devices for pulsed I-V characterization
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