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11025 - Chroma RLC Impedance Meters

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  • Model: 11025
  • Manufactured by: Chroma
  • Test Freq. Range High: 100kHz
  • Resistance Range High: 100MOhm
  • Capacitance Range High: ~ 1.9999 F
  • Measurements: Z, L, C, Q, D, Phase, Rdc, R, X, Transformer
  • Extra Specifications: LCR Meter
  • Transformer test parameters, Turns Ratio, DCR, Mutual Inductance
  • 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz test frequencies
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • 21ms measurement time in all test frequency range (>=100Hz)
  • Agilent 4263B LCR Meter compatible IEEE-488 commands
  • 4 different output resistance modes selectable for non-linear inductor and capacitor measuring. Measured results are compatible with Chroma (Zentech) and other well-known LCR meters
  • High resolution in low impedance (0.01mΩ) and high accuracy 0.3% till 100mΩ range are the right tool for low inductance, large capacitance, and low impedance component measuring
  • Adjustable DC Bias Current up to 200mA (Constant 25Ω), are the right tool for inductance inspection of telecom transformers and small power chokes under DC Bias Current
  • 1320 Bias Current Source directly control capability
  • 240 x 64 dot matrix LCD display, easy operation
  • 0.01mΩ ~ 99.99MΩ wide measurement range with 4 1/2 digits resolution
  • BIAS comparator function
  • Comparator function and 8/99 Bin-sorting function
  • Alarm for PASS/ FAIL judge result
  • 50 internal instrument setups memory
  • Handler interface trigger edge (rising/falling) programmable
  • Test signal level monitor function
  • Standard GPIB (IEEE-488) and handler interface
  • Open/ short zeroing, load correction
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