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AT3600 - Voltech RLC Impedance Meters

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  • Model: AT3600
  • Manufactured by: Voltech
  • Test Freq. Range High: 3MHz
  • Resistance Range High: 10MOhm
  • Capacitance Range High: 10 mF
  • Measurements: Z, L, C, Q, D, Phase, R, G, B, Transformer
  • Extra Specifications: Transformer tester

The AT3600 is the industry standard for testing wound components.

  • Fast and highly Accurate, 10 standard tests per second at a basic 0.05% accuracy
  • Integral 20 node matrix to test 10 windings in 4 wire Kelvin mode
  • Integral 5kV AC/ 7kVDC Hi-Pot
  • Easy operation in Production Lines with Pass /Fail indication
  • Stand-alone or network capability with PC software
  • Easy to program Editor Software package with graphic Winding diagrams
  • Server Software exports results for 100% Quality Auditing
  • Un-beatable Testing Specifications: DC-3Mhz, 1nH-1MH, 1mV-270V, 1mA-250A DC Bias with additional DC1000
  • Testing Solutions for Laminates, Ferrites, Chokes, Current Transformers, Telecom & Audio
    Over 40 different Tests to match your measurement needs
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