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4230 - Wayne Kerr RLC Impedance Meters

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  • Model: 4230
  • Manufactured by: Wayne Kerr
  • Test Freq. Range High: 200kHz
  • Resistance Range High: 100MOhm
  • Capacitance Range High: 1 F
  • Measurements: Z, R, C, L, D, Q, Phase, X, G, B, R
  • Extra Specifications: LCR Meter

4230 LCR Meter not only measures all the parameters normally encountered in a standard LCR meter but it measures many more in addition to give a truly versatile instrument.

  • 0.1% basic measurement accuracy
  • Straightforward intuitive operation
  • Comprehensive range of functions
  • RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • Binning function
  • Small physical size
  • Low cost
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