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OX 6152 - Chauvin Arnoux Scope Meters

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  • Model: OX 6152
  • Manufactured by: Chauvin Arnoux
  • Bandwidth: 150.0MHz
  • Sample Rate: 1.0GSa/sec
  • Measurements: DCV, ACV, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, Frequency, Capacitance, TRMS, Temperature
  • Extra Specifications: 100 MHz digital oscilloscope, recording multimeter and FFT analyser

The OX 6152 oscilloscope is a "real-time" FFT analyser. With its 2 measurement channels rated 300 V CAT II, it can display up to 4 curves on screen.
The new version of the OX 6152 is equipped with an SD card, increasing its storage capacity to 2 GB. Furthermore, this version benefits from a lifetime warranty.

This ergonomic, compact instrument includes a built-in storage space for stowing cables or probes.
On the front panel, there are 28 direct-access function keys and the "Windows-like" menus make the OX 6000 even simpler to use.

  • Display: LCD with backlighting, 4 curves + 4 references
  • Bandwidth: 150 MHz
  • Vertical resolution: 10-bit converter and 4-digit display
  • Large input dynamic range: 2.5 mV to 100 V/div
  • Advanced trigger modes: Auto, Normal, One-shot, Auto Level 50 %, CH1, CH2, EXT, LINE, Front, Pulse Width, TV Frame, TV Line, Hold-off
  • Multimeter: 2 x 8,000-point channels + min/max bargraph, time/date-stamped recording
  • Other measurements: resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, temperature, diode test
  • Communication: local Ethernet, remote Ethernet, RS232 and USB
  • "SX-Metro" application software for PC
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