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440 - TPI Scope Meters

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  • Model: 440
  • Manufactured by: TPI
  • Bandwidth: 1.0MHz
  • Sample Rate: 20.0MSa/sec
  • Measurements: DCV, ACV, Resistance, DCA, ACA, Frequency, Capacitance, TRMS
  • Extra Specifications: True RMS DMM and Handheld Oscilloscope
  • Six instruments in one:
    • Auto Ranging 4,000 Count True RMS DMM
      Nine measurement functions and 0.3 basic DC accuracy
    • 1 MHz Oscilloscope
      View industrial power signals such as motor controls, UPS, switching power supplies, and PLC controls with detail and clarity
    • Trend Mode
      Graph readings over a predetermined time period to check for surges or dropouts
    • Component Test
      Check voltage-current signatures on capacitors, resistors, semiconductors and much more
    • Logic Test
      Indicates transitions up to 2 MHz
    • Frequency Counter
      Measure low frequency signals from 1Hz to 2MHz and display duty cycle, pulse width and period
  • T-Base Button
    Use feature to manually adjust sweep speed (time/division) to shrink or enlarge the viewable waveform for analysis
  • Continuous Autoset
    Feature automatically determines the correct vertical and horizontal settings
    for optimum waveform viewing. Autoset provides hands free operation while
    moving between test points
  • PC/Printer Compatibility to RS-232C Port
    Optional accessory A402 allows user to download data or waveforms to a PC for archiving, processing, and report generation. Perfect for extended monitoring. Eight waveform storage locations enables remote data
    acquisition for later viewing
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