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PAN-11004 - Wessex Electronics Amplifiers

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  • Model: PAN-11004
  • Manufactured by: Wessex Electronics
  • Frequency Range - High: 10.20GHz
  • Output - Compression: n/a
  • Gain: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: Pulse Amplifier

PULSE AMPLIFIER MODEL PAN-11004 has a frequency range of 9.3 GHz to 10.2 GHz with a 1% to CW duty cycle and an output power of +35dBm. Its operating temperature is -40oC to +90oC. The output noise level is better than -110dBc/Hz @ 160Hz and -130dBc/Hz @100KHz offset. A typical application would be airborn radar.

Pulsed amplifiers are available with RF monitors, high isolation switching, and integral DC switching.

  • Small Profile (160x85x15mm)
  • Opto-Isolators on Control Lines
  • 1500W Transient Protection
  • Contamination Protected
  • Operational Endurance Tested
  • Pressure Sealing
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