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2005B - BK Precision Signal Generators

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  • Model: 2005B
  • Manufactured by: BK Precision
  • Frequency Range Max.: 150.00MHz
  • Freq. Resolution: 10.0Hz
  • Output Power: +17 dBm to -143 dBm
  • Modulation: AM
  • Extra Specifications: RF Generator
  • Frequency Range 100 kHz to 150 MHz om six bands (up to 450 MHz on third harmonics)
  • RF Output Level Continuously variable.
  • Maximum Output Approximately 100 mV rms to 35 MHz. Continuously variable in hi or lo step, at least 20 dB range of adjustment
  • AM modulation, internal or external
  • Frequency monitor output for external frequency counter
  • Step and variable attenuation ; step attenuator provides approximately 20 dB of attenuation
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