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FireFox - Jackson Labs Signal Generators

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  • Model: FireFox
  • Manufactured by: Jackson Labs
  • Frequency Range Max.: 1.64GHz
  • Freq. Resolution: 10.0uHz
  • Output Power: +10 dBm
  • Modulation: n/a
  • Extra Specifications: BroadBand Synthesizer

 The FireFox Desktop Sweeping Signal Generator is designed to be used in typical laboratory environments. Output signals range from DC to 1640MHz with a step size of 10µHz. Outputs are either Continuous Wave (CW) or Swept. Signals include CMOS, TTL, LVDS, PECL and analog RF sine waves. The RF signal generator has an adjustable output amplitude ranging from -40dbm to +10dbm with <+-1dbm accuracy. RF as well as LVDS/PECL signals can be generated from 2MHz to 1640MHz. The CMOS/TTL output ranges from DC to 398MHz with 3.3Vpp or 5Vpp. The LVDS, CMOS and RF outputs are driven in parallel, and may be independently used. Additional outputs include a GPS driven 1PPS CMOS output synchronized to UTC to <20ns, a general purpose very low phase-noise 10MHz Frequency Reference output, and a general purpose 2GHz RF Mixer. The 2GHz Mixer has a filtered IF output with <3MHz to >350MHz bandwidth. The FireFox Desktop unit is shipped with a GPS antenna, a USB to RS-232 converter, RS-232 cable, power cable, BNC cable, and a user manual.

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