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ASX-16QAM-FA - Matrix Test Equipment Signal Generators

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  • Model: ASX-16QAM-FA
  • Manufactured by: Matrix Test Equipment
  • Frequency Range Max.: 860.00MHz
  • Freq. Resolution: n/a
  • Output Power: +60 dBmV per channel.
  • Modulation: PSK, QAM
  • Extra Specifications: Signal Generator

The primary function of the ASX-16QAM is to provide a quality signal source for loading a component or system with signals for verification of overall electrical performance. The ASX-16QAM may be configured to supply from 1 to 150 true QAM signals. These signals may be demodulated and analyzed for BER, MER, and other distortions.

  • Frequency Range: Agile over the band 90 to 860 MHz in 12.5 KHz steps
  • Number of Channels 1 to 150
  • Frequency Accuracy +/- 0.0001%.
  • Amplitude: 48 dBmV minimum each channel with 100 channels. Each channel adjustable in 0.1 dB steps over 18 dB range
  • Modulation: Multiple modulation combinations may be configured.Modulation Types: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM, and CW.
  • Symbol Rate Maximum symbol rate 7.1 MS/S
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