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SMY02 - Rohde & Schwarz Signal Generators

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  • Model: SMY02
  • Manufactured by: Rohde & Schwarz
  • Frequency Range Max.: 2.08GHz
  • Freq. Resolution: 1.0Hz
  • Output Power: -140 dBm up to 19 dBm; With option SMY-B40 -134 dBm to +19 dBm (25 dBm overrange)
  • Modulation: AM, FM, Pulse, Phase
  • Extra Specifications: Signal Generator

Signal generators of the Rohde & Schwarz  SMY family from Rohde&Schwarz are cost-effective instruments for testing AM, FM and jM receivers as well as for component measurements.

Two models are available:

  • R&S SMY01 with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 1040 MHz
  • R&S SMY02 from 9 kHz to 2080 MHz

Designed exclusively for the main applications of signal generators by cutting out the unnecessaries, R&S SMY features an outstanding price/performance ratio. Thanks to its comprehensive basic features and excellent signal characteristics, it is an economical solution for universal use in lab, production and servicing environments.

  • Level range -140 dBm to +13 dBm (19 dBm overrange) , sufficient even for receivers of highest sensitivity
  • High level accuracy and low RF leakage allowing accurate and undegraded sensitivity measurements
  • FM-DC with high accuracy of carrier frequency for testing pagers and receivers fitted with digital squelches
  • Low SSB phase noise( -114 dBc/Hz) and high spurious rejection for all in-channel and blocking measurements
  • Low residual FM affording ample of margin for S/N measurements
  • Modulation generator 1 Hz to 500 kHz for modulation frequency response measurements
  • Stereo channel separation of 50 dB and low harmonic distortion for testing FM stereo receivers
  • Non-interrupting level setting over a range of 20 dB for reproducible measurement of squelch hysteresis
  • Frequency resolution 1 Hz, suitable also for narrowband test items
  • FM-DC, deviation up to 20 MHz for VCO simulation
  • FM bandwidth 2 MHz for fast FSK and telemetry applications
  • High output level up to 19 dBm (25 dBm with option R&S SMY-B40) for component and overdrive testing
  • AF synthesizer 1 Hz to 500 kHz, separate use as AF signal source for external applications possible, eg recording of AF frequency response
  • Remote-control interface IEC625/IEEE488 for use in automatic test systems
  • RF sweep
  • Sequence function and SEQ input for semi-automatic use
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