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2393A - Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers

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  • Model: 2393A
  • Manufactured by: Aeroflex
  • High end frequency limit: 26.50GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 5MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 300Hz
  • Amplitude Range: +30 to -135 dBm
  • Extra Specifications: 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

A range of RF and Microwave Spectrum Analyzers that offer value and performance to both field and bench users.

  • Fully synthesized Spectrum Analyzers to 26.5 GHz
  • 3 Hz to 30 MHz resolution bandwidth filters
  • Excellent intermodulation performance
  • +30 to -135 dBm measurement range
  • Measurements to 300 GHz with external mixers
  • Optional built-in tracking generator
  • Receiver mode with AM and FM demodulators
  • Optional quasi-peak detector and EMC filter
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