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8561B - Keysight / Agilent Spectrum Analyzers

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  • Model: 8561B
  • Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent
  • High end frequency limit: 6.50GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 1MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 10Hz
  • Amplitude Range: +30 dBm to displayed average noise level
  • Extra Specifications: Spectrum Analyzer

The 8561B RF Spectrum Analyzer features synthesized tuning, built-in frequency counter, digital bandwidths, AM/FM demodulator.

  • Frequency Range: 50Hz to 6.5GHz
  • Sensitivity: -130 Bm
  • Digital Bandwidths: 10, 30, 100Hz.
  • Dynamic Range: 128 dB
  • Signal to distortion, harmonic: 81 dB(<2.9GHz), 110 dB(>2.9GHz)
  • Signal to distortion, intermodulation: 90 dB(< 2.9GHz), 92 dB(> 2.9GHz)
  • Low spurious response and average noise level(displayed)
  • Fully programmable(HP-IB)  
  • Minimum Displayed Average Noise -131 dBm
  • Maximum Displayed Average Noise -103 dBm
  • Maximum Dynamic Range 128 dB
  • Maximum Amplitude Uncertainty 3 %
  • Trigger Source External,Internal
  • Demodulation AM,FM
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