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RSA3408A - Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers

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  • Model: RSA3408A
  • Manufactured by: Tektronix
  • High end frequency limit: 8.00GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 10MHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 1Hz
  • Amplitude Range: DANL to MAX safe input
  • Extra Specifications: Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • Trigger Tektronix Exclusive 36 MHz*1 Frequency Mask Trigger Makes Easy Event-based Capture of Transient RF Signals by Triggering on Any Change in the Frequency Domain
  • Capture All Signals in Up to 36 MHz*1 Spans Are Seamlessly Captured into Memory Up to 1.28 s Record Length at 36 MHz Span Provides Complete Analysis Over Time Without Making Multiple Acquisitions
  • Analyze
    • Gain a Unique Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals
    • Enabling Engineers to View Signal Instabilities and Transients that They Never Knew ExistedÜ
    • 802.11a/b/g Measurement Suite
    • Comprehensive Pulsed Analysis SuiteÜ
    • General Purpose Digital Modulation AnalysisÜ
    • Spectrum Analyzer View for Traditional Wide Band Signal AnalysisÜ
    • Broad range of 3G Measurement Capabilities
    • New (October, 2005): Signal Source Analysis Suite aids embedded designs
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