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CompuScope 8500 - Gage Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: CompuScope 8500
  • Manufactured by: Gage
  • Max Sample Rate: 500MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Resolution: 8 bits
  • Extra Specifications: Waveform Digitizer for PCI Bus

CompuScope 8500 can sample one analog input at speeds up to 500 MS/s with 8 bit resolution and store the data in the very deep on-board memory.

The CompuScope 8500 uses a high-quality flash A/D converter which can digitize at 500 MS/s rate. In other words, a new sample is taken every 2 nanoseconds.

An on-board crystal-controlled timing circuit ensures timebase accuracy and long-term thermal stability of CompuScope 8500.

  • 500 MS/s Sampling
  • 8 Bit Resolution
  • Up to 2 GigaSamples On-Board Acquisition Memory
  • PCI Bus Card with Bus Mastering Capability
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate to System RAM
  • 250 MHz Bandwidth
  • 44 dB SNR
  • Up to 8 Cards in a Master/Slave System for up to 8 Simultaneous channels at 500 MS/s
  • Software Development Kits for C/C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW under Windows 98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP
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