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M2i.4620 - Spectrum Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: M2i.4620
  • Manufactured by: Spectrum
  • Max Sample Rate: 200kSa/sec
  • Channels: 2
  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • Extra Specifications: 2 Channel 16 Bit Transient Recorder

The M2i.46xx series allows recording of two, four or eight channels with sampling rates of 200 kS/s up to 3 MS/s. These cards offer outstanding A/D features both in resolution and spees for PCI/PCI-X. They are available in several versions and different speed grades making it possible for the user to find an individual solution. The installed memory of up to 2 GSample can be used for fast data recording or sustained data streaming. The enhanced FIFO engine is capable of streaming even 8 channels with 3 MS/s sustained to memory or hard disk.

The M2i.4620 offers the following features:

  • 16 bit A/D converter board
  • 2 synchronous channels with seperate A/D
  • Maximum sampling rate 200 kS/s on 2 channels
  • Extremely high dynamic range
  • Up to 2 GSample memory
  • 8 input ranges between ±50 mV and ±10 V
  • FIFO mode up to 225 MB/s sum samplerate
  • Window/pulse width/re-arm/OR/AND trigger
  • Automatic offset calibration
  • Synchronisation to multi-board system possible
  • 32 Bit PCI-X interface, compatible with 32/64 PCI and PCI-X
  • Compatible with 3,3V and 5V PCI I/O-Voltage
  • ABA mode available as an option
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