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PCI.258 - Spectrum Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: PCI.258
  • Manufactured by: Spectrum
  • Max Sample Rate: 500MSa/sec
  • Channels: 2
  • Resolution: 8 bits
  • Extra Specifications: Transient Recorder

The PCI.248 and PCI258 are fast A/D-Converters for PCI based Systems. Two independent A/D-Converters make it possible to sample signals simultaneously without the problems of multiplexed systems. This is necessary when the phase of a signal carries interesting information. Different modes, e.g. memory segmentation, internal/external clock and trigger as well as the pre- and posttrigger capability makes it easy to adapt this recorder to the measuring problem.

The large on-board memory allows the recording of signals with extremely wide bandwidth. Additionally the board has bus master capabilities, so it is able to transfer the measured data directly to the memory of the PC.

  • 8 bit transient recorder
  • 2 synchronous channels with seperate A/D
  • 500 MS/s on one channel
  • 250 MS/s on 2 channels
  • Simultaneous acquistion on both channels
  • Standard memory 32 MSamples
  • Up to 512 MSample memory
  • 7 input ranges between ±100 mV and ±10 V
  • Automatic offset calibration
  • 32 Bit PCI interface
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