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UF4500 - Strategic Test Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: UF4500
  • Manufactured by: Strategic Test
  • Max Sample Rate: 1MSa/sec
  • Channels: 8
  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • Extra Specifications: Digitizer card

There are 6 different 14-bit Digitizer cards in the UF4500 range. Cards are available offering 2 or 4 input channels and choice of maximum A/D sampling rates. Each channel is simultaneously sampled through independent 16-bit A/Ds and has four software selectable input ranges from ±1 V to ±10V, that can be independently set for each channel. The inputs can be configured by software for single-ended or differential termination.

  • PCI card; supports both 5V and new 3.3V slots
  • 1 kS/s to maximum sampling rate, each channel
  • Up to 512 MB of onboard signal memory
  • Spurious free dynamic range > 90 dB max.
  • 4 input ranges from ±1 V up to ±10 V
  • Single-ended or Differential input connection
  • Up to 100% input signal Vdc offset adjustment
  • FIFO mode, up to 100 MB/s data transfer to PC
  • Multi-card synchronization
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