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ZT420PXI - ZTEC Instruments Transient Recorders Digitizers

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  • Model: ZT420PXI
  • Manufactured by: ZTEC Instruments
  • Max Sample Rate: 200MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Resolution: 12 bits
  • Extra Specifications: Digitizer / Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The ZT420PXI and ZT422VXI are complete high-performance digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO). The ZT420PXI is a 3U PXI/Compact PCI instrument. The ZT422VXI is a single-wide C-size VXIbus instrument.

The wide analog signal dynamic range and low noise enable the ZT420PXI and ZT422VXI to acquire video, IF, and other analog signals where fine amplitude resolution is necessary. The instrument offers superior value and performance for mixed-signal test and high-speed signal acquisition.

Programmable analog signal range, DC offset, coupling, impedance, and sample rate cover a wide variety of input signal configurations. The instrument provides precise waveform acquisition and measurement with 8 true bits of vertical resolution and a low phase noise sampling clock. Extensive memory segmenting, sequencing, and triggering options, along with a very deep memory provide flexible and powerful signal acquisition modes.

The instrument comes with a complete LabVIEW™ software interface that allows the user to begin acquiring and measuring waveforms immediately.

  • 1 channel simultaneous, 8-bit resolution
  • 200 MS/s, 100 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 4 MS record length per channel
  • Programmable range, coupling, impedance, and sampling rate
  • Real-time signal processing, waveform math, and measurement
  • Powerful triggering and multiple waveform capture
  • Multi-module synchronization with optional ZT1000PXI
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