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TO504A - Micsig Digital Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: TO504A
  • Bandwidth: 500MHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 5GS/s
  • Extra Specifications: ≤700ps rise time, 36M(360M Optional) memory. New in box.
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TO504A Overview

The TO504A is a state of the art touch tablet oscilloscope with a beautiful display, lots of memory and 8 hour battery life.  Supports UART, LIN, CAN, SPI, I2C, 1553B and 429.  WIFI, LAN, USB2.0 connectivity and HD video analysis.  Integration of 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 high precision multimeter, recorder and function waveform generator.  BRL test is your authorized Micsig North American Distributer.  Call us today at 407-682-4228.

Four isolated inputs (optional) , and all isolated inputs allow independent floating measurements with each input.

3- D waveform display


3- D display function redefines the waveform display, oscilloscope counts every data in order to display them with different colors or brightness, so that 2- D display (time and amplitude) turn into 3- D display (plus dimension of signal frequency), which becomes clear to distinguish the occasional signals ,and provides an excellent visual effect .Support HD trigger for PAL,NTSC,SECAM,720P,1080I ,1080P (optional).

Up to 500K wfms/s waveform capture rate

Waveform capture rate offers how many waveforms display in a minute, "Dead zone" of oscilloscope is the time of processing and displaying the waveform which have been captured, during the time oscilloscope sacrifices any waveforms. The time of "Dead zone" is far more than "Display zone" for common oscilloscope, which results to signals
can not be displayed in most time, so abnormal signals escaped. High capture rate oscilloscope reduces the  "Dead zone" time, and abnormal signals can be caught fast and accurately

Eye pattern mode

A perfect eye pattern contains an immense amount
of parametric information about a signal, it gives
you a visual indication of overall signal quality,
noise level and signal jitter without looking at the
data content. It finds errors like improper cable
connections, bad contacts, incorrect grounding and
missing or superfluous terminators.



Series bus trigger and decode

Waveform and data can be got in graphic mode : while in text mode , address , ID,data ,examination which makes up the frame are classified , also frame type and mistake can be classified, which helps user to debug and analyze the serial bus easier, and waveform data can be transfered to a PC by a flash device.


Integrating the functions of high precision multi meter, reorder, function generator.
Built-in Android System, satisfying different needs like daily office, Internet and remote assistance etc.


Tablet Oscilloscope tBook Series Specification



Real time sampling rate1GSa/s~5GSa/s
Memory depthsingle channel:18Mpts~360Mpts
Max waveform capture rate250,000wfms/s(Optional)   500,000wfms/s(Optional)
Channels2 or 4
Rise time≤5ns~≤350ps

Vertical system

Limited bandwidth200MHz,20MHz
Input couplingDC ,AC ,GND
Input impedance1MΩ±1%≈15pF±3 pF
Vertical scale2mV/div~5V/div
Vertical resolution8 bit
Probe loading1mX~1kX,1~2~5 step by step
Maximum input voltage300V CAT Ⅲ
Isolated channel voltage1000V CAT Ⅱ 600V CAT Ⅲ
DC vertical offset accuracy2mV/div~10V/div,±2.0%

Trigger system

Trigger typesedge,pulse,short pulse,logic,serial data (UART,LIN,CAN,SPI,I2C,1553B, 429)
Video trigger software optionsPAL,NTSC,SECAM,720P,1080I,1080P
Coupling modesDC,AC,HF Rej,LF Rej,Noise Rej
Trigger modesauto,normal,single
Trigger sourceCH1,CH2,CH3,CH4
Inhibition range200ns~10s


Screen10.1 inchesTFT LCD capacitive touch screen
Persistenceauto,100ms~10s or ∞
LanguageSimplified Chinese,English

I/O port

Mini USB2.0connect to PC
USB2.0flash disk,mouse,button,wireless mouse
WiFisupport 802.11b/g/n,up to 150Mbps


Display waysfull screen,roll
Record time base10us/div~2min/div
File size≤4G


Weightmain unit: 1770g,accessories: 420g,battery:276g
Automatic measurements31 measurements include:Period, Frequency,Delay,Rise Time,Fall Time,Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Positive Pulse Width,Negative Pulse Width,Burst Width,Phase, Positive Overshoot,Negative Overshoot, Peak to Peak,Amplitude,High,Low,Max,Min,Mean,Cycle Mean,RMS,Cycle,RMS
Cusorsvertical cursor,horizontal cursor,cross cursor

Horizontal system

Time base range200ps/div~1000s/div
Time base delay time range- 12div~12ks
Time base accuracynormal, average, peak , envelop
Display mode20ppm
FormartXY, YT, Roll
Acquisition Modes2 simultaneous

Math functions

Operator+, -, *, /
FFTRectangular,Hamming,Hanning, Blackman-Harris


Storagetablet oscilloscope,USB device, PC
Storage formatCSV、waveform、jpg
Refernce waveform≤4
Waveform setting4 sets
Dynamic record time≤2H


Power adapterInput:100-240V,50-60Hz,2A;Output:12VDC,5A
Battery7.4V/9000mAh,life length 4~8h
Charging time<5h
Power consumption≤15W


Operating temperature-20℃~+50℃
Operating humidity<95%RH
Operating altitude<3000m
Storage altitude<12000m


Operating voltageCAT III 300V,CAT II 600V
Attenuation ratio10X
Input capacitance13pF
Matched oscilloscope scale10pF~30pF
Input impedance10MΩ±1%
Frequency scaleDC~250MHz
Rise time1ns
Cable length1200mm






Real time sampling rate


Rise time


Memory depth






Max waveform
capture rate


Serial bus

TO102100MHz1GS/s3.5ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES250,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO104100MHz1GS/s3.5ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES250,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO152150MHz1GS/s2.33ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES250,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO154150MHz1GS/s2.33ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES250,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO102A100MHz2GS/s3.5ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO104A100MHz2GS/s≤3.5ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO152A150MHz2GS/s2.33ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO154A150MHz2GS/s2.33ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO202A200MHz2GS/s1.75ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO204A200MHz2GS/s1.75ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO302A300MHz2GS/s1.17ns18M(90M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO304A 300MHz2GS/s1.17ns18M(90M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO352A350MHz5GS/s1ns36M(360M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO354A350MHz5GS/s1ns36M(360M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO502A500MHz5GS/s700ps36M(360M Optional)2CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
TO504A500MHz5GS/s700ps36M(360M Optional)4CHYES500,000wfms/s(Optional)Optional
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