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R2600D R-2600D - Motorola Communication Testers

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  • Model: R2600D R-2600D
  • Manufactured by: Motorola
  • Frequency Range: 400kHz * 1 GHz
  • Output: FM -130dBm to 0 dBm, AM -130dBm to -3dBM

Motorola R2600D

Communications Analyzer

Designed to calibrate, maintain, service or design radio communications equipment including two way radios, cellphones and the like. Cellular option does AMPS, EAMPS, NAMPS, TACS, ETACS, JTACS and NTACS. Features: Duplex, 50 MHz tacking generator, spectrum analyzer, terminated RF wattmeter,programmable test memory, signal strength, meter, RF scan/RF counter function, signal simulator encoder/decoder, modulation oscilloscope, dynamic call processing with complete RF path signal control, auto test, inbound outbound test, manual testing and much more... Also known as General Dynamics R-2600D. BRL Test is your commmunication test set experts for sales, repairs and calibrations.
RLN5069 - Tracking Generator
RLN4306 - Cable Fault
RLN4485 - Programmable Test Setup Memory
RLN4329 - IEEE 488.2 Remote Interface
RLN4034 - C-Message Filter with 600 ohm load
RLN4361 - CCITT Filter with 600 ohm load
RLN4484 - Phase Mod/Demod
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