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3260B - Wayne Kerr

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Wayne Kerr Magnetic Analyzer

Features the most state-of-art magnetics analyzer with the highest accuracy rate in the market.  Its design conforms to the measurement function of all coil product needs, either it is the sole inductance or the transformer, 3260B can satisfy your test demands.  3260B provides the frequency range from 20Hz to 3MHz, the telecom measurement functions, the graph scanning components characteristic, on the high speed production line tests, and may coordinate the high bias current test.  Most important is it has precise accurate and the stable gauging performance.
  • Wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 3MHz
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • Internal 1A DC bias current
  • Up to 125A of DC bias current
  • Bin Handler Mode (option) sort components in up to 10 bins
  • Analysis mode - graph measured parameters against Frequency, AC Drive Level & DC Bias Current
  • Z, L, C, Rac, Ø, Q, D, Rdc & Turns Ratio
  • Straightforward intuitive operation
  • Print test results
  • IEEE 488 GPIB control with LabVIEW? driver
Technical Specifications:
Measurement FunctionL,Z,Rdc,C,Q,D,Rac,Angle
Frequency Range20 Hz to 3 MHz Option
Drive Level1 mV to 10 V rms into open curcuit
50 uA to 200 mA rms into short circuit
Internal DC Bias Supply1 mA to 1 A
Insulation (Option)Test voltages 100 V, 200 V, or 500 V DC, user selectable 
Measurement Speeds4 speeds selectable (20/sec max)
Measurement RangesR 0.01 mΩ to > 2 GΩ 
L 0.1 nH to >1000H 
C 5 fF to > 1 F 
AccuracyL/Rac/Z/Cp ±0.1% 
Q ±0.1% (Q+1/Q) 
D ±0.001 (1+ D2
Turns ratio ±0.1% 
Rdc ±0.5%
General Data:
Input SpecificationPower supply 230 V AC ±10% or 115 V AC ±10% (selectable) 
50 to 400 Hz
400VA maximum consumption
DisplayHigh contrast monochrome LCD 320 x 240 dot with CFL back lighting
Visible area 115 x 86mm
Viewing angle 45°
Measurement Connections8 front panel BNC sockets
2- or 4-wire (Kelvin) measurements with screen at ground potential
Equivalent circuit symbols on screen
Separate terminals for primary and secondary connections.  Leds indicate active terminals
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