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MSO72004C - Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: MSO72004C
  • Bandwidth: 20GHz
  • Scope Channels: 4+16
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MSO72004C Overview


Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series is the most accurate real-time performance oscilloscope on the market. Discover critical signal information with a 4 channel system bandwidth of 20 GHz combined with the highest waveform capture capability for low noise, high margin visibility. Capture accurately using the only available hardware-based serial pattern trigger for data rates up to 6.25 Gb/s. Increase system visibility using the MSO70000 models which include 16 logic channels with a very accurate 80psec timing resolution. The MSO70000C combines the signal visibility and timing features of a high performance logic analyzer with the analog precision, probing and usability of a high performance real-time oscilloscope. This makes it the ideal debug and verification tool for such demanding high-speed design applications as DDR memory, high performance ASICs, FPGAs, system-on-a-chip devices, and digital RF.


Along with a two-fold increase in sampling rate compared to the ?B? Series it replaces, the DPO/DSA/MSO70000C Series features a faster compute platform.  This new platform offers faster processing for longer data records such as jitter, noise, BER (bit error rate) measurements and statistics. Boot and application start up times are also significantly quicker.

· On All Four Channels Simultaneously

o 20, 16, 12.5, 8, 6, and 4 GHz Bandwidth Models

o Up to 50 GS/s on Real-time Sample Rate

o Up to 250 Megasample Record Length with MultiView Zoom? Feature for Quick Navigation

o Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfms/s Maximum per Channel

· Uncompromised Bandwidth ? Up to 20 GHz on all 4 channels enables measurement on the latest high-speed serial standards

· Superior Signal Integrity and Excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio ? Observe the truest representation of your waveform

· Industry-leading Sample Rate and Timing Resolution: 100 GS/s on 2 Channels (20, 16, and 12.5 GHz models)

· 16 Logic Channels with 80 ps Timing Resolution for Debug of Digital and Analog Signals (MSO70000 Series only)

· iCapture (MSO70000 Series only): When an anomaly is seen on digital lines, iCapture delivers new insight into the analog behavior of the digital signals. With iCapture, you can route any 4 of the 16 logic channels to the MSO70000 Series analog acquisition system so that these signals can be viewed in finer detail. The unique iCapture multiplexer circuitry provides simultaneous digital and analog views of signals without having to move the logic probe or double probe the circuit

· Embedded Serial Bus (I2C, SPI) Decoding and Triggering (MSO70000 Series only): Lets you monitor or debug subsystems and components, such as frequency synthesizers, D/A converters, and Flash Memory that are controlled or monitored using I2C or SPI serial buses

· Pinpoint® Triggering ? Minimize time spent trying to acquire problem signals for efficient troubleshooting and shortened debug time

· 6.25 Gb/s Real-time Serial Trigger ? Assures triggering on the first instance of a specified NRZ or 8b/10b pattern to allow isolation of pattern-dependent effects

· Search & Mark ? Provides waveform pattern matching and software triggers for signals of interest

· P7500 TriMode? Probing System ? Perfectly matched signal connectivity from 4 GHz to 20 GHz

· Application Support for High-speed Serial Industry Standards, RF, Power Supplies, and Memory ? Enables standard-specific certification, measurement automation, and ease of use

MSO72004C specifications:

· Vertical system

o Bandwidth (User-selectable DSP enhance): 20 GHz

o Hardware Analog Bandwidth (?3 dB): 16 GHz (typical)

o Input channels: 4

o Logic channels: 16 

o Rise time 10% to 90% (typical): 18 ps

o Max Input Voltage, 50 Ω: <5.0 VRMS for ≥100 mV/div; also determined by TekConnect accessory 1.0 VRMS for <100 mV/div

o Vertical Resolution: 8 bit (11 bit with averaging)

· Vertical system logic channels

o Input channels: 16

o Analog bandwidth: 2.5 GHz with P6780 logic probe, 350 MHz with P6717 logic probe

o Vertical resolution: 1 bit

o Logic threshold range: -2 to +4.5 V with P6780 logic probe, -1.5 to +4.0 V with P6717 logic probe

o Maximum input voltage: ±15 V nondestruct

· Horizontal time base system

o Time base range: 10 ps/div to 1000 s/div

o Time resolution (in ET/IT mode): 100 fs

o Channel-to-channel deskew: Range ±75 ns

o Jitter noise floor (typical) (With BW bandwidth enhance enabled): 290 fs

o Time Base Delay Time Range: ?5.0 ks to 1.0 ks

· Acquisition system

o Sample rate, real-time Mode 1, 2 channel (max): 100 GS/s

o Sample rate, real-time Mode 1, 2, 3, or 4 channel (max): 50 GS/s

o Sample rate, ET/IT Mode (Max): 10 TS/s

o Maximum record length per channel with standard configuration: 10 M on all four channels (DPO70000 and MSO70000 Series), options for increased record length available

o Maximum duration at highest real-time resolution with standard memory: 0.1 ms (DPO70000 and MSO70000 Series)

· Acquistion system logic channels

o Sample rate - all channels (max): 12.5 GS/s

o Timing resolution: 80 ps

o Maximum record length per channel: 250 M on all channels (with option)

o Minimum detectable pulse width: <400 ps

o Maximum number of buses: 16 

o Number of channels per bus: Up to 24 (16 logic, 4 analog, 4 math)

· Acquisition modes

o Averaging: From 2 to 10,000 waveforms included in average

o Envelope: From 1 to 2×109 waveforms included in min-max envelope

o FastAcq: FastAcq optimizes the instrument for analysis of dynamic signals and capture of infrequent events

o Maximum FastAcq Waveform Capture Rate: >300,000 wfms/s on all 4 channels simultaneously

o FastFrame?: Acquisition memory divided into segments; maximum trigger rate >310,000 waveforms per second. Time of arrival recorded with each event. Frame finder tool helps to visually identify transients

o Hi-Res: Real-time boxcar averaging reduces random noise and increases resolution

o Peak Detect: Captures and displays narrow glitches at all real-time sampling rates: 1 ns at ≤125 MS/s; 1/sample rate at ≥250 MS/s

o Roll Mode: Scrolls sequential waveform points across the display in a right-to-left rolling motion. Works at sample rates up to 10 MS/s with a maximum record length of 40 MS

o Sample: Acquires and displays sampled values

o Waveform Database: Accumulates waveform database providing three-dimensional array of amplitude, time, and counts

· Trigger characteristics

o Digital A then Analog B Triggering: Advanced triggering capabilities include Digital A then Analog B to help you to identify a specific digital pattern or system state and then wait for an analog event such as a runt pulse to trigger the acquisition (MSO70000 Series only)

o A Event and Delayed B Event Trigger Types: Edge, Glitch, Runt, Width, Transition Time, Timeout, Pattern, State, Setup/Hold, Window ? all except Edge, Pattern, and State can be Logic State qualified by up to two channels

o Main Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, and Single

o Trigger Sequences: Main, Delayed by Time, Delayed by Events, Reset by Time, Reset by State, Reset by Transition. All sequences can include separate horizontal delay after the trigger event to position the acquisition window in time

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