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N9020A MXA Signal Analyzer

Accelerate the Development of Wireless Devices with the Speed, Performance & Applications to Adapt to Evolving Test Requirements

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SM200B Spectrum Analyzer

The High Performance SM200B From Signal Hound: High Performance Speed, Accuracy, Security, and Agility Meet Very Low Cost

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RSA5103A - Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers

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  • Model: RSA5103A
  • Manufactured by: Tektronix
  • High end frequency limit: 3.00GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth Max.: 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz (10 MHz, Opt 85) (1, 2, 3, 5 sequence, Auto-coupled), or user selected (arbitrary)
  • Resolution Bandwidth Min.: 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz (10 MHz, Opt 85) (1, 2, 3, 5 sequence, Auto-coupled), or user selected (arbitrary)
  • Extra Specifications: 25MHz Acq
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Tektronix RSA5103A Overview

Tektronix RSA5103A

Real Time Signal Analyzer

The RSA5000 Series replaces conventional high-performance signal analyzers, offering the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks. A +17 dBm TOI and ?154 dBm/Hz DANL at 2 GHz gives you the dynamic range you expect for challenging spectrum analysis measurements. All analysis is fully preselected and image free. You never have to compromise between dynamic range and analysis bandwidth by ?switching out the preselector?. A complete toolset of power and signal statistics measurements are standard, including Channel Power, ACLR, CCDF, and Occupied Bandwidth.

· Outstanding Mid-Range Spectrum Analysis

o +17 dBm 3rd Order Intercept at 2 GHz

o ±0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Accuracy to 3 GHz

o Displayed Average Noise Level ?154 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz and ?150 dBm/Hz at 10 kHz

o Phase noise ?109 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and -134 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz Carrier Frequency, 10 kHz Offset

o High speed sweeps with high resolution and low noise: 1 GHz sweeps at 10 kHz RBW in <1 second

o Spectrum analyzer measurements: Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power, Multicarrier Adjacent Channel Power/Leakage Ratio, Occupied Bandwidth, xdB Down, dBm/Hz Marker, dBc/Hz Marker

· Reduce time-to-fault and increase design confidence with real time signal processing

o Up to 292,000 spectrums per second, 50,000 time domain (zero span) waveforms per second

o Swept DPX Spectrum enables unprecedented signal discovery over full frequency range

· Triggers zero in on the problem

o DPX Density Trigger on single occurrences as brief as 5.8 μs in frequency domain and distinguish between continuous signals vs infrequent event

o Advanced time-qualified, runt, and frequency-edge triggers act on complex signals as brief as 20 ns

· Capture the widest and deepest signals

o 25, 40 or 85 MHz acquisition bandwidths

o Acquire more than 7 seconds at 85 MHz bandwidth

· More standard analysis than you expect in an everyday tool

o Measurements including Channel Power, ACLR, CCDF, OBW/EBW, Spur Search, EMI detectors

o Amplitude, frequency, phase vs time, DPX Spectrum, and Spectrograms

o Correlated multi-domain displays

· Frequency characteristics

o Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 3.0 GHz (RSA5103A), 1 Hz to 6.2 GHz (RSA5106A)

o Initial Center Frequency Setting Accuracy: Within 10?7 after 10 minute warm-up

o Center Frequency Setting Resolution: 0.1 Hz

o Reference Output Level: >0 dBm (internal or external reference selected), +4 dBm, typical

o External Reference Input Frequency: 10 MHz ± 30 Hz

o External Reference Input Frequency Requirements: Spurious level on input must be <?80 dBc within 100 kHz offset to avoid on-screen spurs

o Spurious: <?80 dBc within 100 kHz offset

o Input level range: ?10 dBm to +6 dBm

· Amplitude characteristics

o Measurement Range: Displayed average noise level to maximum measurable input

o Input Attenuator Range: 0 dB to 55 dB, 5 dB step

o Maximum Safe Input Level: Average Continuous (RF ATT ≥10 dB, Preamp Off) is +30 dBm; Average Continuous (RF ATT ≥10 dB, Preamp On) is +20 dBm; Pulsed RF (RF ATT ≥30 dB, PW <10 μs, 1% Duty Cycle) is 50 W

o Maximum Measurable Input Level: Average Continuous (RF ATT: Auto) is +30 dBm; Pulsed RF (RF ATT: Auto, PW <10 μs, 1% Duty Cycle) is 50 W

o Max DC Voltage: ±5 V

o Log Display Range: 0.01 dBm/div to 20 dB/div

o Display Divisions: 10 divisions

o Display Units: dBm, dBmV, Watts, Volts, Amps, dBuW, dBuV, dBuA, dBW, dBV, dBV/m, and dBA/m

o Marker Readout Resolution, dB Units: 0.01 dB

o Marker Readout Resolution, Volts Units: Reference-level dependent, as small as 0.001 μV

o Reference Level Setting Range: 0.1 dB step, ?170 dBm to +50 dBm (minimum reference level ?50 dBm at center frequency <80 MHz)

o Level Linearity: ±0.1 dB (0 to ?70 dB from reference level)

· Power level trigger range: 0 dB to ?100 dB from reference level

· Acquisition characteristics

o Real-time Acquisition Bandwidth: 25 MHz (Std), 40 MHz (Option 40), 85 MHz (Option 85)

o A/D Converter: 100 MS/s 14 bit (optional 300 MS/s, 14 bit, Options 40/85)

o Acquisition Memory Size: 1 GB (4 GB, Option 53)

o Minimum Acquisition Length: 64 Samples

o Acquisition Length Setting Resolution: 1 Sample

o Fast Frame Acquisition Mode: >64,000 records can be stored in a single acquisition (for pulse measurements and spectrogram analysis)

· Bandwidth characteristics

o Resolution Bandwidth Range (Spectrum Analysis): 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz (10 MHz, Option 85) (1, 2, 3, 5 sequence, Auto-coupled), or user selected (arbitrary)

o Resolution Bandwidth Shape: Approximately Gaussian, shape factor 4.1:1 (60:3 dB) ±10%, typical

o Resolution Bandwidth Accuracy: ±1% (Auto-coupled RBW mode)

o Alternative Resolution Bandwidth Types: Kaiser window (RBW), ?6 dB Mil, CISPR, Blackman-Harris 4B Window, Uniform (none) Window, Flat-top (CW Ampl.) Window, Hanning Window

· Options

o Advanced DPX including swept DPX, DPX Zero Span with real time amplitude, frequency, or phase

o Advanced Triggers DPX density, time-qualified, runt, frequency edge, and frequency mask

o Phase Noise and Jitter

o Automated Settling Time Measurements (Frequency and Phase)

o More than 20 pulse measurements including Rise Time, Pulse Width, Pulse-to-Pulse Phase, Impulse Response

o General Purpose Modulation Analysis of more than 20 Modulation Types


o Flexible OFDM analysis of 802.11a/g/j and WiMax 802.16-2004

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