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RA4050-2000 or RA4050 2000 - Radom Power Meters RF

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  • Model: RA4050-2000 or RA4050 2000
  • Manufactured by: Radom
  • Freq. Range High: 500 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Extra Specifications: New in box. 1 year manufacturers warranty. Very high RF power measurement capability, up to 2kW CW

Radom RA4050-2000

The RA4050-2000 is a complete self-enclosed high RF power bidirectional measurement system, featuring an extremely low RF insertion loss, very high RF power measurement capability and microcontroller based dual channel RF measuring system with 4x20 LCD display for direct result readout. The RA4050-2000 represents an industry leading extremely easy to use yet cost effective solution for very high RF power measurement and monitoring in 70cm ISM and amateur band.

  • Forward RF power measurements 
  • Reflected RF power measurements 
  • RF power display in dBm or Watts 
  • VSWR measurement 
  • RF match measurement 
  • Absorbed RF power measurement 
  • Bi-directional RF input - USB computer interface 
  • Complete RF measurement system with 4x20 LCD display
  • Very high RF power measurement capability, up to 2kW CW 
  • Power measurement range between 100mW and 2000W 
  • Extremely low insertion loss, 0.04dB typ. 
  • Excellent measurement accuracy, 3% typ. 
  • Excellent reflection coefficient, -26dB or better 
  • Wide bandwidth, 400MHz to 500MHz 
  • Excellent directivity, 20dB or better 
  • Industry standard Type N connectors 
  • Rugged machined aluminum body
  • Low DC power requirement, 0.5W or less
  • Non-volatile memory to store user and calibration data

Typical Applications:
  • High power ISM band RF power monitoring 
  • 70cm amateur band power and antenna matching 
  • TV station output power measurements 
  • High power ISM band plasma experiment monitoring
  • Semi-conductor plasma processing power monitoring 
  • Military applications

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