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5229 - Ophir RF Amplifiers

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  • Model: 5229
  • Manufactured by: Ophir RF
  • Frequency Range - High: 80MHz - 1GHz (2000W)
  • Output - Compression: 2000 Watts
  • Gain: 75 dB

Ophir RF 5229

The Ophir RF 5229 is a 2000 Watt broadband amplifier that covers the 80 ? 1000 MHz frequency range. This amplifier utilizes Class A/AB linear power devices that provide an excellent 3rd order intercept point, high gain, and a wide dynamic range. 

Due to robust engineering and employment of the most advanced devices and components, this amplifier achieves high efficiency operation with proven reliability, Like all OPHIRRF amplifiers, the 5229 comes with an extended multiyear warranty backed by Ophir RF?s commitment to total customer satisfaction.
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