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5232 - Ophir RF Amplifiers

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  • Model: 5232
  • Manufactured by: Ophir RF
  • Frequency Range - High: 140 kHz - 1 GHz (5000 W)
  • Output - Compression: 5000W
  • Gain: 67 dB
  • Extra Specifications: Pulsed

Ophir RF 5232

BRL Test is your authorized Ophir RF distributer.

The Ophir RF 5232 is a 5000 Watt broadband amplifier that covers the 140 - 1000 MHz frequency range. This pulsed amplifier utilizes Class A/AB linear power devices that provide an excellent 3rd order intercept point, high gain, and a wide dynamic range. Due to robust engineering and employment of the most advanced devices and components, this amplifier achieves high efficiency operation with proven reliability.

◊ Enable/Disable with Fault Reset (High, Low)
◊ Forward Power (Analog Voltage out)
◊ Reflected power (Analog Voltage out)
◊ VSWR Fault (High, Low)
◊ Temp Fault (High, Low)
◊ Duty Cycle Fault (High, Low)
◊ Power Supply Fault (High, Low)
◊ Power on Indicator (High, Low)
◊ RF Overpower Fault (High, Low)
◊ Enable/Disable Indicator (High, Low)
◊ Thermal Overload
◊ Over Current
◊ Over Voltage
◊ VSWR protection (shutdown @ ≥2.5 KW Peak)
◊ RF Output overdrive
◊ High Duty Cycle
◊ Power Supply Fault

High = Normal Operation
Low = Fault

P1: Forward Power Out
P2: Reverse Power Out
P3: Open
P4: VSWR Fault Out
P5: Temperature Fault Out
P6: Duty Cycle Fault Out
P7: Power Supply Fault Out
P8: Power On Indicator Out
P9: Forward Power Out Return (GND)
P10: Reverse Power Out Return (GND)
P11: Enable/Disable Indication Out
P12: Chassis Ground
P13: Chassis Ground
P14: RF Overpower Fault Out
P15: Enable/Disable with Fault Reset Input

Rising Edge: Low to High to clear faults or enable
Forward Power, RF Sample Port
Forward Sample port, TBD +/- 1.0 dB
(N-type c
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