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6533 - Ophir RF Amplifiers

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Ophir RF 6533

BRL Test is your authorized Ophir RF distributer

The Ophir RF Model 6533 CW TWT Amplifier has been designed to operate 25 watt traveling wave tubes over the 4-18 GHz range. Internal power supplies are solid state DCDC converter designs with fast loop response times so that output level variations are minimal. Both cathode and collector power supplies and the heater supply are duty cycle regulated designs. The cathode and collector power supplies have very low ripple, with attendant low phase noise in the TWT Amplifier. Output spurious signals are less than -50 dBc. The front panel 4-line vacuum florescent display, with 2 page modes, provides a monitor for the operating characteristics.
1 year MFR warranty.  
◊ - Low Spurious Outputs 
◊ - Phase and Amplitude Stability 
◊ - Complete TWT Protection Helix Overcurrent Cathode Over/Undervoltage Over temperature Input Energy Limit 
◊ - Custom Requirements 
◊ - Solid State Except for the TWT 
◊ - Front Panel Fault Isolation ◊ - DC TWT Filaments 
◊ - Four Line Display Operating Mode Cathode Voltage Collector Voltage(s) Helix Current Filament and Operate Time 
◊ - Front Panel Controls Power On / Off Operate Standby Fault Reset Local / Remote
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