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5125 - Ophir RF Amplifiers

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  • Model: 5125
  • Manufactured by: Ophir RF
  • Frequency Range - High: 20 MHz - 1 GHz, 70W
  • Gain: +49 dB min
  • Extra Specifications: New. MFR calibration and certificate, MFR 3 year warranty

Ophir RF 5125

BRL Test is your authorized Ophir RF distributer. 

The Ophir RF 5125 is a 70 Watt broadband amplifier that covers the 20 ? 1000 MHz frequency range. This amplifier utilizes Class AB linear power devices that provide an excellent 3rd order intercept point, high gain, and a wide dynamic range. Due to robust engineering and employment of the most a d v a n c e d d e v i c e s a n d components, this amplifier achieves high efficiency operation with proven reliability, Like all OPHIR RF amplifiers, the 5125 comes with a 3 year warranty backed by Ophir RF?s commitment to total customer satisfaction.
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