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TBWA2/20dB - Tekbox Preamplifiers



TekBox TBWA2/20dB 

BRL Test is your authorized TekBox distributer.  

The TBSWA2/20dB wideband preamplifiers are connected between EMC probe and Spectrum Analyzer to increase the dynamic range of the measurements.
TBWA2 wideband RF amplifiers are versatile building blocks that can easily be integrated into laboratory setups. With a 3dB bandwidth of 3MHz to 3GHz and a usable frequency range up to 6GHz, they are ideal to boost the signals picked up by our EMC near field probes. The TBWA2 wideband amplifiers are available with 20dB or 40dB gain.

Technical Data:

Input: 50 Ohm, SMA
Output: 50 Ohm, SMA
Nominal supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5V, typ. 110mA, Mini-USB-B connector
Maximum supply voltage: 5.5V
Maximum input power: +10dBm
1dB output compression point @ 2GHz: +20dBm
3rd order output intercept point @ 2GHz, Pin = 0dBm/tone, Δf = 10MHz: +35dBm
Reverse isolation S12, 0.1 ?6GHz: 23dB 
Noise Figure @ 2GHz: 4.5 ? 5 dB


1 MHz

10 MHz

100 MHz

500 MHz

1 GHz

1.5 GHz

2 GHz

3 GHz

14.8 dB

20.3 dB

20.3 dB

20 dB

19.6 dB

18.9 dB

18.7 dB

17.8 dB

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