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S3602C - Saluki Technologies Network Analyzers

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  • Model: S3602C
  • Manufactured by: Saluki Technologies
  • High end freq limit: 43.5 GHz
  • Instrument Type: VNA Touch screen 2 or 4 port
  • Extra Specifications: New. 36 month warranty. BRL Test is your authorized Saluki Technologies distributer. Call for quote today 407-682-4228
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Saluki Technologies S3602C Overview

Saluki 3602C

BRL Test is your authorized Saluki Technologies distributer.  407-682-4228
New, 36 month manufacturer's warranty
The Saluki Technologies S3602 Series VNA's are designed with new hardware architecture which greatly improves many key specifications such as scanning speed, system dynamic range etc. The Saluki S3602C is equipped with a high-performance embedded computer which runs a Windows operation system. The user interface is intuitive and easy to operate. 

The Saluki S3602 provides many calibration methods including frequency response, single interface, responsive isolation, enhanced response, dual interface and electrical calibration. S3602 has many display formats including logarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinates. S3602 equipped with many standard interfaces including USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA. 

Apart from all features of conventional vector analyzer the Saluki S3602 is capable of 2D scanning of mixer / inverter and gain compression, and of multi-functional comprehensive parameter test of S Parameter under pulse circumstance, which can precisely measure amplitude-frequency characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and group-delay characteristics of microwave network. 

Applications include: transmission/reception module measurement, dielectric material property measurement, microwave pulse characteristic measurement and photoelectric property measurement; this analyzer is a necessary tester in the scientific research, production process of systems like radar, communication and navigation.

Specifications and features:

  • Frequency coverage from 10MHz to 43.5 GHz
  • Flexible calibration types, compatible with many calibration parts
  • Support Multi-window, multi-channel Measurement, instantly execute intricate measurement plan
  • Include multiple display formats including logarithmic amplitude, linear range, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith circle map, polar coordinates
  • Support USB, GPIB, LAN, VGA
  • 12.1 inch high resolution touch screen
  • One button measurement to simplify the setup procedures and improve the working efficiency
  • Provide functions including Pulse S Parameter measurement, time domain measurement, mixer measurement, 2 dimensional measurement of gain compression, millimeter wave spread spectrum, antenna and RCS measurement reception.
  • Embedded help files
  • 64 measurement channels, 16 windows, 8 traces displayed on each window
  • Display / hide auxilary keys through soft panel to realize quick operation
  • Easy access to Ecal and other USB devices
  • Rich and advanced calibration

See the video Saluki S3602 Vector Network Analyzer Introduction below.

Item Part No. Product Name Description Unit Unit Price (USD)
1 S3602C (Main Machine) Vector Network Analyzer Frequency Range: 10MHz-43.5GHz Set US$81,840
2 S3602C-201 Dual-Interface Programmable Step Attenuator Equip source path with two 60dB programmable
step attenuator and equip receiver path with two
35dB programmable step attenuator
Piece US$8,448
3 S3602C-400 Four-Interface Measurement Dual incentive four-interface Vector Network
Piece US$27,808
4 S3602C-401 Four-Interface Programmable Step Attenuator Equipping source path with four 60dB programmable step attenuator and equipping receiver channel
with four 35dB programmable step attenuator
(must work with option 400)
Piece US$15,488
5 S3602B-402 Active Inter modulation Measurement Applicable for active inter modulation measurement of amplifier (400 Options) Piece US$10,912
6 S3602C-008 Pulse Measurement Applicable for S parameter measurement under
pulse circumstance
Piece US$33,440
7 S3602C-S10 Time Domain Measurement Able to recognize and analyze the discontinuous
location of instrument, cable or fixture.
Piece US$7,005
8 S3602C-S80 Frequency Deviation
Applicable for frequency deviation measurement,
necessary for millimeter wave spread spectrum
Piece US$2,957
9 S3602C-S82 Scalar Measurement of Mixer Applicable for the mixer?s scalar measurement Piece US$3,485
10 S3602C-S83 Vector Measurement of Mixer Applicable for the mixer?s vector measurement Piece US$8,061
11 S3602C-S84 Embedded Local Oscillator Measurement Applicable for embedded local oscillator measurement Piece US$7,533
12 S3602C-S86 Gain Compression Two Dimensional Scanning Measurement Applicable for amplifier?s gain compression two dimensional scanning measurement Piece US$5,069
13 SAV31123 2.4mm Calibration Kit Applicable for whole-machine calibration Piece US$3,154
14 FE0BN0BM025.0 2.4mm Test Cable Applicable for whole-machine measurement Piece US$4,576
15 FE0BN0BL025.0 2.4mm Test Cable Applicable for whole-machine measurement Piece US$4,576
16 SAV20404 Electronic Calibration Kit Applicable for whole-machine calibration (45MHz - 40GHz second interface) Piece US$10,525

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