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AM-741R - Com-Power Antennas



Com Power AM-741

BRL Test is your authorized Com-Power Distributor
  • Frequency Range 9 kHz to 30 MHz (useable up to 60 MHz)
  • Active Matching Network
  • Fiber Optic Remote Monitor/Control option
  • Battery Operated
  • Individual Calibration Included
  • Three-year Standard Warranty
The Com-Power AM-741R is an Active Monopole Antenna operating
over the frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz (usable up
to 60 MHz). Its removeable, telescoping rod element
is adjustable from 23 to 105 cm (approximately). Most
standards specify a rod height of 104 cm (41 inches).
Due to the high impedance of the rod element, a
matching network with a high input impedance and 50Ω
output impedance (for connection to the measurement
equipment) is needed. The AM-741R provides this and
also incorporates a low-noise preamplifier, thereby
increasing the sensitivity and signal to noise ratio of the
measurement system.
The preamplifier can be powered by its internal,
rechargeable 6 VDC NimH battery pack or the supplied
charger/power adapter. The front panel has indicators
for RF ON/OFF, power, battery low, amplifier saturation,
as well as charging status.
The matching network enclosure is secured to the
bottom side of the of a 60.5 cm square, polished
aluminum counterpoise.
The AM-741 has a 1/4 inch x 20 threaded hole on the
bottom of the matching network enclosure, which is
used to secure the antenna to a tripod.
Com-Power?s AT-220 Tripod is the recommended
support for this antenna.
Remote Operation (Optional)
controller which can be used to monitor saturation
and battery low conditions. It also allows the user to
remotely enable/disable the RF measurement circuit.

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