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DSA72004B - Tektronix Digital Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: DSA72004B
  • Manufactured by: Tektronix
  • Bandwidth: 20 GHz
  • Channels: 4
  • Sample Rate: 50 GS/s

Tektronix DSA72004B

Certified Premium Used at BRL Test

The Tektronix DPO/DSA70000B Series combines industry-leading bandwidth of 20 GHz with the industry's highest waveform capture rate, best signal fidelity, lowest noise floor and the only available hardware-based serial pattern trigger for data rates up to 5 Gb/s. It is the most powerful real-time oscilloscope on the market, enabling you to make the most challenging measurements with the confidence you only get from a Tektronix oscilloscope.

On All Four Channels Simultaneously

* 20, 16, 12.5, 8, 6, and 4 GHz Bandwidth Models
  • Up to 50 GS/s Real-Time Sample Rate
  • Up to 250 Megasamples Record Length with MultiView Zoom? Feature for Quick Navigation
  • Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfms/s Maximum per Channel
* Highest Bandwidth ? Up to 20 GHz enables measurement on the latest high-speed serial standards
* Superior Signal Integrity and Excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio ? Observe the truest representation of your waveform
* Pinpoint® Triggering ? Minimize time spent trying to acquire problem signals for efficient troubleshooting and shortened debug time
* 5 Gbps Real-time Serial Trigger ? Assures triggering on the first instance of a specified NRZ or 8b/10b pattern to allow isolation of pattern dependent effects
* Search & Mark ? Provides waveform pattern matching and software triggers for signals of interest
* DPX and Fast Acquisition - Quickly find intermittent events with the industry?s highest waveform capture rate
* Long Record Lengths ? Capture long-term trends or infrequent events then analyze the entire acquired record with built-in measurements
* P7500 TriMode? Probing System - Perfectly matched signal connectivity from 4 GHz to 20 GHz
* Application Support ? Enables standard-specific certification, measurement automation, and ease of use
* Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) - For high-speed serial data streams, emulate and equalize the channel as well as de-embedding the fixture.
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