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PNCS-1 - Signal Hound Signal Generators


  • Model: PNCS-1
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: Signal Hound
  • Frequency Range Max: 1 GHz
The Signal Hound PNCS-1 Phase Noise Clock Standard provides an ultra-clean phase noise 1GHz sinewave that can be used as a phase noise reference standard for testing spectrum analyzer phase noise performance.

The PNCS-1 is also well suited for use as a system clock for ADC’s and DAC’s reducing unwanted system-created spurious signals and thus achieving the best possible system performance from the ADC or DAC. The PNCS-1 can save a system engineer time during product development when working with high performance ADC’s or DAC’s. By being a clean ready 1GHz clock source the PNCS-1 allows the engineer to achieve advertised performance from the ADC’s or DAC’s they are designing into a new circuit or product.
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