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GRS-6052 - GW Instek Analog Oscilloscopes

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  • Model: GRS-6052
  • Manufactured by: GW Instek
  • Bandwidth: 50MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Extra Specifications: Analog Oscilloscope

The Instek GRS-6052 Realtime Storage Oscilloscope (RSO) (Analog PLUS DIGITAL Storage)

Unique "combination" scopes offer the benefits of both analog and digital modes. RSO'''s enable user to save waveform for future. Verify or re-confirm test results in digital mode simply by switching to analog.

  • 2 channel, 4 trace
  • ÜEquivalent sampling 500 mS/s max
  • Single and single-roll mode
  • 10 panel settings for waveform save/recall
  • 3 cursor readout functions
  • Functions include pre-trigger, averaging, smoothing, ALT-MAG
  • X-Y operation, vert mode triggering, TV synchronization
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