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4070 - BK Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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  • Model: 4070
  • Manufactured by: BK Precision
  • Sampling Rate: 40.00MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Record Length: 32768 points
  • Output Voltage Range: Min : 0.707106781186548 mV
  • Extra Specifications: Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The B&K Model 4070 represents the finest single source for signal generation to date. Combining the latest DSP and DSS technologies, the 4070 offers a number of operating modes, providing a versatile, cost-effective signal source. You will find the 4070 is the best value and most capable instrument on the bench.
Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Sweep Function Generator, Pulse,
VCO, AM, FM, ? Modulation, FSK and Burst Modes are all accessed
quickly and easily from the front panel keypad.

  • Form FactorÜ BenchtopÜ
  • Number of ChannelsÜ 1 chÜ
  • Waveforms (Sine, Square, etc.)Ü Noise,Pulse,Ramp,Sine,Square,TriangleÜ
  • Minimum FrequencyÜ 0 HzÜ
  • Maximum Frequency, Sine waveÜ 21.5 MHzÜ
  • Maximum Frequency, Square WaveÜ 21.5 MHzÜ
  • Maximum Frequency, Triangle WaveÜ 2 MHzÜ
  • Maximum Frequency, RampÜ 2 MHzÜ
  • Maximum Frequency, PulseÜ 21.5 MHzÜ
  • Maximum Noise Generator BandwidthÜ 10 MHzÜ
  • Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/chÜ 40 MSa/sÜ
  • Waveform LengthÜ 32768 pointsÜ
  • Frequency AccuracyÜ 0.01 %Ü
  • Minimum Output VoltageÜ 0.707106781186548 mVÜ
  • Function ResolutionÜ 12 bitsÜ
  • Output AccuracyÜ 1 %Ü
  • Output ImpedanceÜ 50 OhmÜ
  • FlatnessÜ 0.2 dBÜ
  • ModulationÜ AM,BPSK,FM,FSK,Pulse,SSBÜ
  • Sweep ModesÜ Linear,LogÜ
  • Trigger ModesÜ Burst
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