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4070A - BK Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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  • Model: 4070A
  • Manufactured by: BK Precision
  • Sampling Rate: 40.00MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Record Length: 32, 768 data points
  • Output Voltage Range: -44 dBm to +24 dBm, 0.1 dBm steps
  • Extra Specifications: 21.5 MHz Synthesized Arbitrary Waveform Generator, with software

The B+K Model 4070A represents the finest single source for signal generation to date. Combining the latest DSP and DSS technologies, the 4070A offers a number of operating modes, providing a versatile, cost-effective signal source. You will find the 4070A is the best value and most capable instrument for any bench. Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Sweep Function Generator, Pulse, VCO, AM, FM, ? Modulation, FSK and Burst Modes are all accessed quickly and easily from the front panel keypad. Being a true 12 bit arbitrary generator, the 4070A is stable, accurate and drift free. Unlike competitive models, the 4070A generates every data point independently of the repetition rate instead of a simple look up table. Custom design waveforms on a PC, or download from a number of sources: spread sheet, oscilloscope, or application program; the 4070A will perform like no other signal source.

The Arbitrary Waveform Generator allows you to design custom waveforms on your personal computer and download them to the 4070A which generates them in real-time. The Arbitrary Waveform Generator system is also used to generate pulse waveforms with an adjustable duty cycle and a suite of pre-stored Function Generator waveforms. Arbitrary waveforms may either be designed with a graphical Windows?-based design tool or be generated point-by-point in a
variety of data formats from your own application software. A floppy diskette
with a data generator program, example waveforms, and a downloader utility
are included with this option.

  • DC offset capability
  • TTL/CMOS sync output available in all modes
  • RS232 remote control (Easy to use) Code examples included.
  • External logic input for gating or output signal and triggering.
  • Easy software updates via Flash memory.
  • Configuration save/restore: 10 complete front panel setups
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