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396 - Fluke Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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  • Model: 396
  • Manufactured by: Fluke
  • Sampling Rate: 125.00MSa/sec
  • Channels: 1
  • Record Length: 4 MB word
  • Output Voltage Range: 10 mVpp to 10 Vpp (20 mVpp to 20 Vpp into open circuit)
  • Extra Specifications: 1 Channel 125 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator & ArbExplorer Software; includes instrument synchronization cable

The single-channel 396 and dual-channel 397 arbitrary waveform generators break new ground in value. These high-performance signal sources feature an unprecedented combination of vertical resultion, memory depth, and sample rate.

  • Unprecedented combination of universal generator and synthesizer
  • Versatile performance
  • High resolution and wide frequency range
  • Deep memory
  • Extremely good performance-to-price ratio
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